Why your 'transformation' diet won't pay off in the long run

Leanne Shorter promotes the importance of adding to your health bank as she works out by the beach.
Leanne Shorter promotes the importance of adding to your health bank as she works out by the beach. Contributed

IN MY line of work, I come across people who are forever trying to lose weight.

The sad thing is, they have previously lost weight, and then put it back on (plus some more), and now they are starting to lose weight all over again.

This is the "Yo-Yo diet" dilemma.

There are so many "quick fixes" advertised on social media at the moment.

You can get a 30-day challenge to do just about anything.

A bikini body in five weeks, a total body transformation in 12 and the promise of rapid weight loss if you eat like a caveman, or better still, don't eat at all - just drink meal replacements.

No wonder we find it so hard to know what to do.

Personally I have never been on any of these "diets" or "transformation" exercise programs.

I'd like to share with you what I know to be the only way to be healthy and stay healthy.

It is not a "quick fix" and it's not trendy or glamorous, but it works.

If you wanted to make money, would you go to someone who had made a fortune and then lost it all, or would you go to someone who had made some money and continues to make money day in and day out?

Of course you would ask the advice of the guy who has the money and has kept it - so why do so many people do the opposite with their health?

To use the money analogy again: your health is like a bank account.

You just need to keep putting little bits in the bank consistently to grow your balance.

With your health, you need to do a bit of regular exercise and eat mostly healthy on a consistent basis.

The more you are consistent with your saving, the more money you have.

If you neglect your bank account, the money disappears in taxes and account-keeping fees and then you have to start saving all over again.

The more you are consistent with your healthy lifestyle, the healthier you are.

If you neglect your health, you become unhealthy and overweight, and then you have to start all over again.

Every bit of activity you do, every healthy meal and snack you eat, adds to your health balance.

You don't have to be perfect all the time, but the more you add to your health balance, the healthier you will be.

I know we all want the quick fix, but it doesn't work.

Be consistent over the long term and you won't have to keep starting over and you won't need any "miracle" weight loss plans.


Leanne Shorter is a fitness trainer from Childers, Queensland

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